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“No Surprises Act”

Congress recently enacted the “No Surprises Act” which went into effect January 1, 2022. The act is described as “new federal protections against surprise medical bills that take effect in 2022.” Surprise medical bills arise when insured consumers inadvertently receive care from out-of-network hospitals, doctors, or other providers they did not choose” (Learn more here). The goal is to protect clients from surprise billing by providing cost transparency.

According to the new law, state-licensed or certified health care providers need to give a Good Faith Estimate of healthcare charges to every new and continuing client who is either uninsured or is not planning to submit a claim to their insurance for the healthcare services they seek. There are specific rules for what information has to be in that estimate and when it has to be provided. If you are a current or new client and have chosen to self-pay for services, we will provide this cost estimate to you detailing an estimated annual cost range for services.

If you are currently working with us, you are already aware of the billing rates and your costs. At Revival Nutrition, we will always be transparent with you about the costs of the services we agree on together. If you ever have questions about your costs, billing, or services, please reach out directly or contact us at [email protected].